Hey Everyone,

The time has come. We are introducing GET VIP programme. This event allows everyone to participate and avail chances of winning the benefits.

What is GET VIP?

This programme is designed to gather more Lepasa knowledge holders and give them early opportunities in the project.

The programme contains…

Hey everyone !!

We are thrilled to experience such amazing enthusiasm from more than 3 million user participation in Lepasa CMC NFT contest. This event has made us realise that hard-work always pays off. we promise you that we will always strive hard to deliver best in class NFT experience.

Hello Everyone !!

$LEPA is the native token for LEPASA ecosystem built on Ethereum blockchain and will be available to users initially via an IDO and later on several DEX and CEX. NFTs created and issued by Lepasa will exclusively be available against $Lepa tokens only.$Lepa …

Thanks to the great crypto community for strong support.

About Programme

Lepasa promised to offer 110 unique Polqueens to all winners under this programme, We have chosen total of 110 lucky winners on 10K followers milestone individually on Twitter and Telegram. We had announced 48 winners in the first and…

Trust is our foundation and in the journey to build that further CertiK and Lepasa join hands.

Lepasa is primarily based on Ethereum blockchain and $Lepa token is hosted on ERC-20 Smart Contract. The token will also have bridge service with cross-chain platforms.

CertiK will be auditing Lepasa Smart Contracts…

Lepasa partnership with Polygon. Lepasa is using Polygon blockchain for minting NFTs to keep low cost on gas fee.

Exciting announcement for Lepasa community in our cross-chain journey. Yes, We are partnered with Polygon.

Polygon is an ideal partner for Lepasa because of their amazingly low transaction fees and high speed. It enables us to our prime goal of making Lepasa NFTs transactable for everyone with low transaction cost…

Lepasa - 3D Game-Ready NFTs

Lepasa is a mythological virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain and beginning with 3D game-ready NFTs. More info can be found on https://www.lepasa.com

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