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Lepasa Life Cycle

Hello Everyone!

2021 has been a crazy or we may say the craziest year for the Crypto community. DeFi & NFTs have stolen the show from top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherreum etc. It is such strong evidence that NFTs are bringing a massive number of “New Crypto Owners” to the industry. A scenario where a new user buying any crypto for the first time, to buy the NFT is too common nowadays.

How it started

We had started working on the “NFT” concept back in late 2020, when Cryptopunks were everywhere & the entire industry was in awe of the pixel arts. On the very day we had decided that if we are going to NFTs, it has to be something else, not just one another project in the crowd .

Being in Blockchain Tech for almost a decade, our seasoned & dedicated team suggested having an equal proportion of Tech & Art to go ahead. Oh WOW ! That was one strong statement which laid the founding stone for this world class Fine Art 3D Game Ready NFT project.

We onboarded world renowned Traditional Fine Art Artists, CGI Artists and had formed a strong bond with our Tech team. Even though NFTs have been one of the largest real-world use cases of blockchain and smart contracts to date, their adoption has been unidimensional. NFTs have been restricted to GIFs and JPEGs in popular culture, failing to incorporate the vastness the technology is actually capable of.

What makes Lepasa unique ?

Lepasa creatures are the “Fine Art 3D Game Ready NFTs, And Not Just JPEGs. Lepasa NFTs give the owner access to the actual source file, in turn the NFT owner has capability to animate and use in the games, videos, 3D Metaverses, and so much more. Our NFTs give owners access to the actual source file, not just a picture of it. These source files can be used in games, videos, pictures, and so much more. The quality of our NFTs will set a new standard in the industry.

It starts from scratch and a lot of elements. This is what it takes to create Magnificent Lepasa.

Stage 1. Concept Art & Visualisation

Lepasa Polqueen concept art

Everything starts with a concept, a concept artist has to create new ideas based on certain creative briefs, in a number of iterations. Our concept artist is an excellent designer who visualizes & creates art for characters, creatures, environments, and other creative assets. Concept art is used to visualize ideas so that modelers, animators, and VFX teams can make these ideas ready for production. It is his responsibility to bring these ideas to life through their artwork. It’s the artist’s creativity and attention to detail that lets them design many varying styles of characters, creatures, or anything else needed for production. It’s really important for concept artists to build a strong visual library which acts like a database of ideas, shapes, fabrics, textures, and other similar concepts to draw from.

Stage 2. Fine Art Realistic Painting process

Lepasa real art

Fine art is a subjective phrase that, like art and creative genres, has evolved over time. We think of art as the process of creating something unique that appeals to our senses of sight and sound. Fine art has traditionally been considered the pinnacle of aesthetic expression. Fine artists create work solely for the purpose of delighting the eye. The fine arts are distinguished from the “low arts,” which are generally created for more practical objectives, by their aesthetic goal. We are fortunate to have one of the finest traditional artists in the world as our mentor. His art work has been sold in Christie’s for over 4 decades. He has immense knowledge of “Realism Art” , the accurate, detailed, unembellished depiction of nature or of contemporary life. Realism rejects imaginative idealisation in favour of a close observation of outward appearances, this in result provides a strong reference for the 3d Artists to learn from it and get as close as possible to realistic 3D character.

Stage 3. Creating 3D Game Ready Character in Blender

Lepasa game ready

Like every stage, in this stage too is one of the most critical and noteworthy stage as we are committed to deliver Fine Art 3d Game ready NFTs #NotJustJPEGs. The main responsibilities of our 3D Generalist are creating photo-real scenes and landscapes. Generalists are responsible for modelling, rigging, animation, motion capture, and sculpting. The 3D Generalist is relied on by the Visual Art Director, as they are someone who they can turn to with any project and be confident that the task is going to be completed efficiently and competently. 3D computer animation can seem a lot like magic. How does a graphic artist’s sketch of a character get transformed into a lifelike, 3D animation that’s able to walk, crouch, jump, and use its limbs and hands. But before a computer can take an artist’s rendering of a character and bring it to life with motion, it has to go through an important phase: 3D rigging. It’s part art and part science. Before a 3D model can be animated, it has to get a rig. 3D rigging creates a skeleton for a 3D model, all the bones and joints inside a character that give animation software vertices it can recognise. Each bone is assigned properties and constraints, just like bones in a human skeleton. They can rotate, bend in certain directions, and control the motion of other bones. Rigging is a highly complex, very necessary step in the animation process. Rigging allows a character’s body to be articulated in a structured way.

Stage 4. Testing for Game Readiness, in Unreal engine.

Lepasa Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool. We are using Unreal Engine, to bring our NFTS experiences to life using the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool. A Game Ready Model is a term commonly used for models which have been optimised for real time rendering in games. The quality of a game ready model is not only dictated by its poly count. In order for a game engine to efficiently render a 3d model the poly count of the model needs to be reduced to a manageable level. This could mean reducing the number of polys a model has from millions to thousands. This can be a tedious task. There are automatic options but quite often this process involves a lot of manual intervention which can be a lengthy process. This is one of the primary reasons why game ready models are in demand.

Lepasa’s Intention & Vision:

NFTs are growing at an unprecedented pace. They are no longer just pictures and GIFs, they now have actual use cases. We’re building an ecosystem that will bring everyone who believes in innovation to join the Crypto & NFT revolution. Our NFTs give owners access to the actual source file, not just a picture of it. These source files can be used in games, videos, pictures, and so much more. The quality of our NFTs sets a new standard in the industry. Lepasa aims to establish a platform that allows its content creators to own and capture the full value of their contributions.

About Lepasa

Lepasa is a mythological virtual world project and offering fine art 3D game ready creatures being NFT. all of the NFTs issued by Lepasa can only be swapped by Lepa token only on Polygon network. Lepa token can be purchased on Uniswap, Pancakeswap and Quickswap. For more information join follow Lepasa on twitter and join telegram discuss group.



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Lepasa - 3D Game-Ready NFTs

Lepasa - 3D Game-Ready NFTs

Lepasa is a mythological virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain and beginning with 3D game-ready NFTs. More info can be found on