CertiK Partners with Lepasa

Trust is our foundation and in the journey to build that further CertiK and Lepasa join hands.

Lepasa is primarily based on Ethereum blockchain and $Lepa token is hosted on ERC-20 Smart Contract. The token will also have bridge service with cross-chain platforms.

CertiK will be auditing Lepasa Smart Contracts and providing detailed information on how transparent and crystal clean integration we have done with Ethereum Smart Contracts.

Lepasa cross-chain bridge with Polygon and Binance Chain

Lepasa has total of 7 ERC-20 Smart contracts. The auditing process will include all Lepasa ERC-20 Smart Contracts as mentioned below:

  1. Lepa Token Contract : This contract represents token generation, distribution and burning methods.
  2. Strategic : This contract holds the strategic partners allocation and vesting methods.
  3. Team : This contract holds tokens for founding team allocation and their vestings methods as mentioned on website.
  4. Marketing : This contract holds token distribution for marketing and ecosystem building distribution with their vesting methods.
  5. Advisors : This contract holds distribution for Lepasa advisory board and its members with their vesting method, which is 1 year lock in and then vesting for 365 days.
  6. Foundation : Lepasa has reserved 10% tokens as foundational reserve and they are locked for 1 year and than daily vesting for 365 days. This contract holds its vesting methods.
  7. Liquidity : This contract holds distribution and methods for liquidity providers and their vesting.

Auditing certificates help new users to count projects seamlesly. It also rubosts projects reputation on the grounds of trust and transparency. Live track on the process and certificates after completion of the audits can be found here.

About Lepasa

Lepasa is a mythological virtual life project with a strong vision to build meaningful and mindful Metaverse. In the beginning Lepasa is offering 3D game ready NFTs. Every Lepasa NFT collection is limited edition and each NFT is unique by various characteristics. NFTs are based on Etherum — 721 blockchain and can be collected by $Lepa tokens, An ERC-20 tokens available on crosschain platforms. Lepasa NFTs can be animated and easily used in videos/movies, Art and other gaming projects.

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