Get VIP Programme for IDO whitelisting.

Hey Everyone,

The time has come. We are introducing GET VIP programme. This event allows everyone to participate and avail chances of winning the benefits.

What is GET VIP?

This programme is designed to gather more Lepasa knowledge holders and give them early opportunities in the project.

The programme contains IDO and Lifetime Privilege whitelistings.


We have opened IDO with (1 Million LEPA) 1% of total supply and divided allocation as follows.

The pools have been priced at (IDO - 0.10 USDT, Listing - 0.15 USDT) based on price of paired token at the time of creating IDO contracts (5 January 2022).

Priority Allocation

For valid reasons IDO whitelisted numbers are always very less against participation. We went one step ahead and brought another pie in the plate.

All of the participants in the Get VIP programme will be whitelisted for further benefit of Priority Allocation.

Which means, whenever Lepasa launches a collection of NFTs, 20% of the total collection will be secured for VIP Members for 24 Hours or more.

100% Liquidity

Yes. every single cent of the raise during IDO, 100% of it will be put into the liquidity on respective DEX. Our reason for doing IDO is not raising money but introducing project to respective communities.

How to Participate?

Its simple & quick.

Jump on website and click the link Get VIP.

Step 1 - Connect your wallet and select the chain. You will have 3 options. ETH, BSC and Polygon.

Step 2 - Click on the button : Apply for Whitelisting.

Step 3 - Answer the 5 questions by selecting right answer in the options. All of these questions are about Lepasa, Since the results will be based on your knowledge on Lepasa Project so far. Make sure you choose right one.

Step 4 - After submitting the form you will be taken to your wallet, where you need to submit the transaction. it will cost you a small network fee. We are recording only wallet address and answer sheet reference on the dapp.

Now you are done, once your transaction is confirmed on the network.

What’s next?

IDO will be live for 24 hours from 2 PM UTC 16 January 2022 on Pinksale.Finance with pools as follows.


Binance Chain


After IDO, the Lepa token will be listed on Uniswap, Pancackswap and Quickswap.



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