How to buy Lepasa NFT


  • Each NFT can be swapped against 500 Lepa tokens.
  • Visit website, click on Magicbox. (Live from 2.00 PM UTC)
  • One account/address can have maximum of 20 NFTs in this collection.
  • Buyer will pay a small gas fee on Polygon network, which should not be more than 1 Matic.
  • All of the Lepa tokens collected against NFT will be burnt by us, after the sale is over.


  • We have used Polygon network exclusively for minting purpose because of its low gas fee and support on one of the biggest NFT platform Opensea.

ETH>BSC & BSC>Polygon

  • If you have tokens on ETH or BSC, move them to Polygon network by using Multichain.
  • Connect ETH or BSC wallet and select Lepa tokens in the From address and select Polygon network in the To Address. And click swap.
  • If you want to move from Ethreum to Polygon, Use Polygon Bridge.
  • Connect your wallet and select Lepa Token in the From and select Polygon in the To and Transfer.

About Lepasa

Lepasa is a mythological virtual world project and offering 3D game ready NFTs, that means each of Lepasa NFT is not just JPEG but fully rigged, which can be used in games, videos and metaverse. NFT owner will also be capable of staking these NFTs to earn more Lepa tokens and also can list on Opensea.



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Lepasa - 3D Game-Ready NFTs

Lepasa - 3D Game-Ready NFTs


Lepasa is a mythological virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain and beginning with 3D game-ready NFTs. More info can be found on