Lepasa Get VIP & IDO whitelisting announcement

Hey Everyone,

Thank you so so much for such response. It is more than we expected. The best part is, The entire participation was done exclusively by Lepasa community.

Selection Criteria

First of all we sorted all addresses with right answers given in the quiz and than did random selection on each chain. The ultimate purpose for this event was to give early access opportunity to Lepasa knowledge holders and spread awareness among every enthusiast.

We have whitelisted 928 addresses for IDO, And every addresss has been whitelisted for priority allocation, explained below.

ETH - 28

BNB - 500

Polygon - 400

The results have been added to Pinksale links added above. and can be found here as well.

IDO Whitelisting

Every winner for IDO will be able to buy tokens at base price with no lockin period. The min-max limits are mentioned below.

ETH - 0.25–0.50

BNB - 0.20–1

Matic - 20–100

Priority Allocation

We always believed in the system of value for everyone. As promised we have whitelisted every participant for priority allocation, that means whenever Lepasa launches the NFT collection, 20% of the total supply will be kept secured for minimum 24 hours for priority allocators to grab. So no matter how much surge is, Lepasa core communituy will always be prioritised.

What’s next?

The IDO will start on 16th January 2022, 2.00 PM UTC and will be available only for 24 hours. The whitelisted members can make purchase as per the defined limits on each chain on FCFS basis.

We wish you all the best and believe that togather we will buidl valuble NFT project.



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