Lepasa Giveaway Winners Announcement

Lepasa Prelaunch NFT rewards

About Programme

Lepasa is offering 110 unique Polqueens to all winners under this programme, We will be choosing a total of 110 lucky winners till the Lepasa community number reaches 10K individually on Twitter and telegram. For example 1 winner on 1K following, 3 winners on 3K following and 10 winners on 10K following.

First batch of winners (Twitter — 4269 Telegram — 3577)

We are very excited to see the community support and here we announce the list of the first batch of winners in “Lepasa Giveaway Programme”. We have listed down the winner’s Twitter and telegram handles.



All winners need to send their Ethereum address to us from their respective accounts.

Twitter — @lepasaorg

Telegram — @lepasa_winners

What’s Next?

We strongly believe that every good project always belongs to the community and we have a lot to offer. Our team has been working days and nights for the last few months to make this happen. Soon we are going to reveal our next set of collectibles and we assure you that every single NFT art from lepasa will be unique, 3D and game-ready. Congratulations to the first batch of winners & we are thankful to each and everyone who participated in this round of the campaign. We have to achieve greater milestones, so stay here be with us for the next announcement.

Visit : https://lepasa.com/

Follow : https://twitter.com/Lepasaorg

Join : https://t.me/lepasaorg


Lepasa is a mythological virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain and beginning with 3D game-ready NFTs. More info can be found on https://www.lepasa.com