Lepasa partnership with Polygon. Lepasa is using Polygon blockchain for minting NFTs to keep low cost on gas fee.

Exciting announcement for Lepasa community in our cross-chain journey. Yes, We are partnered with Polygon.

Polygon is an ideal partner for Lepasa because of their amazingly low transaction fees and high speed. It enables us to our prime goal of making Lepasa NFTs transactable for everyone with low transaction cost. And in this partnership, Lepasa will use Polygon blockchain to mint NFTs.

The process will work as mentioned below:

  1. When a user opens a Magic Box on the Ethereum main-net they submit a request to the Magic Box opening smart contract.
  2. On every Magic Box opening request, Lepasa backend will submit a transaction to the Polygon blockchain where we have deployed another smart contract.
  3. The Polygon Smart Contract will select random NFTs (IDs) from particular collection defined in the Magic Box.
  4. The contract will hard mint NFTs directly on the user’s Polygon address.
  5. User will require certain Matic (Polygon) tokens for minting NFTs.

To celebrate our ongoing achievements Lepasa is running “Win NFT Programme”. Stay tuned with our discuss group and twitter for not to miss rare opportunity to win Finest Ever 3D Game Ready NFTs from Lepasa.

Make sure to have $Lepa tokens before hand to get ultra rich NFTs from Lepasa. Remember that all of Lepasa NFTs are limited edition and unique. There no single replica of one. All of them are game ready that means when you get Lepasa NFTs, They are not just JPEG images but you get actual source file and they have capability to be animated as per user use case.

Thumbs Up to everyone who is willing to collect limited edition NFTs from Lepasa.

About Lepasa

Lepasa is a mythological virtual life project with a strong vision to build meaningful and mindful Metaverse. In the beginning Lepasa is offering 3D game ready NFTs. Every Lepasa NFT collection is limited edition and each NFT is unique by various characteristics. NFTs are based on Etherum — 721 blockchain and can be collected by $Lepa tokens, An ERC-20 tokens available on crosschain platforms. Lepasa NFTs can be animated and easily used in videos/movies, Art and other gaming projects.

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Lepasa is a mythological virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain and beginning with 3D game-ready NFTs. More info can be found on https://www.lepasa.com