Lepasa is using Gnosis safe for multi-Sig.

Hello Everyone !!

$LEPA is the native token for LEPASA ecosystem built on Ethereum blockchain and will be available to users initially via an IDO and later on several DEX and CEX. NFTs created and issued by Lepasa will exclusively be available against $Lepa tokens only.$Lepa will have cross-chain capability on Polygon and Binance Chain.

In line with our vision of being a fully active Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), we have transferred the Lepa contract and all its distribution Buckets ownership rights to a Multi-signature wallet from Gnosis Safe.

Below are our smart contract and Gnosis-Safe wallet details.

Main Lepa Token : 0xbba6c7c7d673c48d90069ad2e9d2fe587fcb6bc3

Strategic Bucket : 0xcce4bb895132dc7595311d59dc9aab700a7f929d

Marketing Bucket : 0x4e9c734befa0c61ef6090a953ca880a3e3de1970

Advisers Bucket : 0xe637c0a4b7b098eb662c4860d3b6160374e1df96

Foundation Bucket : 0x34010a7e4b8e7bdb4d15c7e591a24cc230e6a428

Liquidity Bucket : 0xb5efd8f273e9bb92016412b6db6ff6c022d48b57

Gnosis-Safe Wallet : 0xd77461c1b7Ac06f9d22F798144f76796084Fb0ac

Below are the txhash of Ownership transfer transactions from lepa contract and its distribution buckets to Gnosis-Safe Wallet on Ethereum chain.

Lepa Smart Contract : 0xcb9d5c0d2010c1ba9762c40836b54f0834a6f7b856dd3e395a35ab757e72bdc7

Lepa Strategic Bucket: 0x925f5f523ce690be84b79bd842f335c8040e5e513dcf56e50fd53b6b6d44bc31

Lepa Team Bucket: 0x2e85fdabf11b1797113be4fc6654dd2b6d9210f16112f980826a707ea817daa2

Lepa Marketing Bucket: 0xbdc04b859bf441b4659d897177311378bf3cbfc905da04a85b1ad14239779464

Lepa Advisors Bucket : 0xd00b2b22ae9d7f7be3596a4b98af7a10eebbdcd8e45581d4f6ffab61a6c67513

Lepa Foundation Bucket : 0x534931bc7efbea9d3a07619e0066fc4dee9c786c23bc4652ccd7da688d23acff

Lepa Liquidity Bucket : 0xcd30725da7ef82879858bc9d1a44ce9b6821cd2a94d3d73a554289ab15f900e1

Gnosis Safe is the most trusted and viable platform to manage such digital assets with their state-of-the-art multi-signature feature for DAOs and teams.
A pre-defined number of signatures are required to confirm transactions to be executed within the safe which helps prevent unauthorized access to company crypto assets and smart contracts.

In our case 2 out of 3 signatures are required to carry owner specific transactions which mitigates the owner centralization risk and helps to keep Lepa smart contract decentralized and safe.

Owner/Co-Signer Details

  1. 0x69eFf1979933f51D1d0A2D8cEbAAf39A156CBE49
  2. 0x4f7EbD8Bad87eFEa9c4C8862967443D3c4d8fCA0
  3. 0xB6ff2E4af92420D2cD99A271F21C53AE80406C0c

All above addresses are added via below transaction hash:


The first 2 addresses belongs to Lepasa core team members, while the third signer belongs to Mr Harish BV who is the co-founder of prominent Indian crypto exchange UNOCOIN and is also an active Lepasa community member and Project Advisor and a trusted third party. This is done to keep the project decentralised.

About Lepasa NFTs & $Lepa Token

Lepasa is mythological virtual life project. starting with 3D Game-Ready NFTs based on ethereum blockchain, that will exclusively be available against $Lepa Tokens. On every swap most of the $Lepa will burn.

Lepasa is a mythological virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain and beginning with 3D game-ready NFTs. More info can be found on https://www.lepasa.com