Lepasa X CoinMarketCap contest result

Hey everyone !!

We are thrilled to experience such amazing enthusiasm from more than 3 million user participation in Lepasa CMC NFT contest. This event has made us realise that hard-work always pays off. we promise you that we will always strive hard to deliver best in class NFT experience.

The list of winners can be found here as well.

How we selected the winners

It was really difficult for our team to select participants by their input of efforts only, Because everyone showed passion towards the project. we took the random approach to identify few thousands of participants, who completed all steps and again randomly selected 200 winners out of them.

What winners get (Magical Polqueen)

Each winner will get one of the 3D game-ready Magical Polqueens (Maximum 3240 unique variants) being soft minted. They are going to be the first habitants of Lepasa metaverse. Winner gets the NFT with its source file (Blender format). It can be minted from Lepasa website after full collection launch in January 2022. NFT owners will be capable of staking NFT to earn Lepa tokens or listing on secondary markets like OpenSea.

How to check if I won?

We have uploaded winners list to CMC website and it has been approved. You just need to log into your CMC account and you will be able to check if you won.

The ones who did’t win

We were bound to make it only 200 winners but the ones who did’t win have many opportunities in the future. At Lepasa we are crafting values. and we have many more on the way. stay tuned for future updates.

What’s next?

We are going to launch Lepasa collection in January 2022. Users will be able to buy Game-Ready NFTs against Lepa tokens. And stake them to earn more Lepa tokens or list on secondary marketplace like OpenSea.

About Lepasa

Lepasa is a mythological virtual world based on Ethereum blockchain. In the beginning it is offering Fine Art 3D Game-Ready NFTs that means Lepasa NFTs are not just JPEGs/GIFs. Rather they have the use cases of such, they can be used in videos, games and other meraverses. Lepasa has a native utility token to suppoer its automated ecosystem $Lepa (ERC-20) and all of the NFTs offered by Lepasa can only be grabbed against Lepa token. more info on the token can be found here.



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